The future

Patience, hope and positivity. Those are the things that kept the Nomads Tribe going for the last 1,5 years. The fact that we weren't able to gather for our annual festival was frustrating, painful and hard to deal with.

After all those hardships, the winds have changed and we're confident that we'll return to the oasis stronger and more beautiful than ever before.

Currently we're working hard on our future plans. An intimate club night at the end of this year is the first of our goals. Secondly we're having very (very) interesting conversations about Nomads Festival '22.. Keep your eye out on our platforms to follow the latest news on that.

Let's look forward to a near future where we can create a gathering of the Tribe once more. We can't wait to see you all again, we've missed you.

Let's dance to our favourite music in oasis, and spread the Nomads vibe.


Project Homebass

Nomads Festival joins forces with three other festivals (Chasing the Hihat, Strafwerk and Zeezout), to help the Homebass foundation with their #geefcouleur project. This project focusses on (literally) bringing colour to the lives of homeless people in the Netherlands. How? By investing in renovation of walk-in-houses for the homeless, that are part of the Regenbooggroep. You can also help out by donating a box of nails, a can of paint or a new couch.

Check out for more information.

Geef Couleur Website

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